YAI's visit to Nanjing,China to promote | srimayoga



Swami Vidyanand, (Founder-President of Yoga Alliance International, India’s first international yoga alliance) and Sri K.M.Chandrashekaran (Organizing Director, Yoga Alliance International) have been invited to visit China for discussions on Yoga and related matters by the Sports Institute of Jiangsu Province, an institution of the Chinese government, in association with Master Dickson Lau's Hong Kong Yoga Association.

This visit, from 25 to 30 March 2015, is part of the Chinese government’s initiative to promote Yoga in that country. Discussions are expected to be held on plans for events on international Yoga Day - June 21st - as announced by the United Nations, following Prime Minister Modi’s suggestions. Plans for an International Yoga conference to be held in China are also to be discussed.