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Kanika is highly motivated and passionate Yoga Teacher, well-versed in multiple yoga styles (transformtional, hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, power, prana, chair yoga, pregnancy yoga). Yoga was introduced to her early in life at home by her parents who themselves had been practicing the same since their childhood. After serving in the IT industry for quite a few years, she realized that the mundane corporate life is not for her and that yoga is her calling. She decided to enroll for 500 level at SriMa and had the privilege to get a direct guidance under Arjun Goswami, CEO – Yoga Alliance International. Yoga filled that void in her life which even she didn't know existed. Her aim now is to empower the students to ignite their inner guide through conscious exploration of body, breath and mind.


Nazia started her journey in to yoga accidently when a friend suggested her to do yoga for her back problems she had been facing for several years. She was a Marketing Communications professional and an entrepreneur before she joined SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga. She had to privilege to get a direct guidance under Arjun Goswami, CEO – Yoga Alliance International, which helped her pave a way in to the world of transformational yoga. She was trained under 500-level program in Delhi, after which she realised that this is what she wanted to pursue as a career. She has attained a proficiency in various forms of Yoga like Transformational Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayam, pre and post-natal yoga and so forth. Nazia has now dedicated herself as a yoga teacher as she believes it is the where her heart lies. 


Neeraja Hariharan is a 62 year old Yoga practitioner based out of Gurgaon, India who started her journey with yoga began in early teens.After an unfortunate health issue that put her on steroids for 8 years and resulted in her weighing nearly a 100 Kgs , she went back to practicing yoga and successfully managed to return to her normal physical state.Neeraja practiced traditional Yoga for many years before she came in touch with Srima while exploring different facets of the science.
Once convinced about the power of transformational yoga, she took her initial "500 level “ training from Delhi, under the guidance of Mr. Arjun Goswami, a very experienced yoga teacher mentored directly by Swami Vidyanand , the founder of Srima School of transformation yoga. Neeraja then visited Auroville and studied directly under Swami Vidyanand. Being a trained nutritionist she is now spending her time blending her scientific understanding of food with the various aspects of transformational Yoga.She looks forward to going back to Auroville for more learning with Swamiji and is grateful to Swamiji for sharing his knowledge with her.


Poonam is a Certified Grandmaster in Yoga from Yoga Alliance International.She has completed her grandmaster training under world renowned master Sri Swami Vidyanand. She has been practising Yoga since her childhood days as her mother is also a Yoga Teacher who brought her into the yoga world. Yoga for her is a way of life,a deeply spiritual practise and is the best Madhyam(a medium) to get a perfect co-ordination between the 3 h's i.e head(mental),hand(physical)and heart(emotional).

        She has been active with numerous corporate yoga sessions, workshops for schools and hospitals(specially for cancer patients and children with special needs) and also specialises in training the Yoga Teachers.She is also associated with many NGOz with a purpose of spreading rich smiles in sad hearts and has been sharing her views on health awareness in the leading newspaper in India.

         As a staunch enthusiastic by heart, she looks forward to meeting and embracing the life opportunities.She has been actively participating in fashion shows and has been a show stopper and a Judge at various fashion events as well.She is also a top finalist of MrsIndia contest as she feels its an opportunity to explore a different persona in herself and experience the charm and challenges alike, as it brings out the best in her.

       She firmly believes that everyone can benefit from Yoga,whatever level they chose to experiment it at.All they need to do is start HERE and NOW.

Using her profession as a platform she just wish to spread the message of good health and Peace across the Globe.


Having had the privilege to understand,learn,practice and study with world renowned yoga teacher such as Swami Vidyanand and Arjun Goswami, Poonam believes yoga is much more then to achieve mobility,stability,strength and alignment.She has been 500 certified as a Master Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance International India (YAI). Poonam found yoga when she was going through a difficult phase in her life. Suffering from anxiety, depression and stress she seriously needed help.Upon practicing yoga , it didn't take long before most of her symptoms disappeared. Poonam discovered that practicing and focusing on breathing and meditating during body postures ( Asans ) she became calm, peaceful and stres-free. Poonam is a firm believer in the healing powers of yoga.

She is passionate about methodology and philosophy.She practice yoga in her daily life as a wife ,mother,teacher and a student.She teaches Pranayama( healing breathing exercise) Sun Salutation,Gentle yoga(old age yoga), Hatha yoga, pre and post natal yoga, yoga for teenagers ,Partner yoga (couple yoga),Yoga therapy and Meditation (with Mantras). Her gentle demeanor inspires her student to stay calm , motivated and encourage them to get stronger which increase there will power and patience.


Jitender has been practising yoga & meditation since his last six years and has had the good to learn and train with excellent yoga instructors . He has learned all forms of yoga (Transformational Yoga , Hatha Yoga  , Ashtanga Yoga , Vinyasa flow , Raj Yoga  , Prana Yoga , Bhakti Yoga) & become 500 level course under the guidance of Arjun Goswami guru ji ( CEO of Yoga Alliance International & Srima School of Transportational Yoga). He has also done 1 momth course Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga . He has successfully led Corprate yoga . Grand hotel , Teacher in srima international School & Etc . 


Lakshya chauhan has been practising yoga& meditation since his last five years. His yoga practise is

quiet and tranquil but very effective and has had the good to learn and train with excellent yoga

instructors and a very good yoga therapist. He has learned alll forms of yoga (transformational yoga

,hatha yoga ,ashtanga yoga. vinyasa flow , raj yoga,prana yoga , bhakti yoga) & become 500 level

course under the guidance of Arjun Goswami guru ji (CEO of yoga alliacne international yoga). He has

also done 1 month and 3 month course from Morarji desai national institute of yoga.theses courses

strengthened his knowledge in teaching a wide array of yoga styles to practitioners of all levels. Through

his worldly expierences, he sees how yoga can benefit everyone by improving the physical,mental,and

spiritual well being of each indivisual. with much love and joy, he safely insturcts his student to flow

mindfully through his inspirational classes,bringing their body mind and soul in balance. He has

successfully lead institue of yoga. He has successfully lead corprate yoga, gyms, & teacher trainings in srima

International School & Etc.

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